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Taco Transgressions (Taco Salad)

“Taco Transgressions” We’ve now officially kicked off  the Summer season which also means that many restaurants have also opted to incorporate lighter “Summer Menus” to take advantage of locally grown produce. Meals tend to be somewhat lighter in caloric intake as compared to the rich and creamy textures commonly associated with the winter months.  Warmer months […]

Fig Visions & Dreams

Who knew that vegan ice cream could be as easy as blending a few frozen bananas? “Nicecream” is all the rage right now as it has a similar consistency as dairy ice cream.  This is especially good for those who may have lactose intolerance or particular allergies to dairy products. I created this combination by […]

Caine's Curry Cauliflower

Cain’s Curry Cauliflower

There are particular spices,flavours or aromas that are authentic to any given region across the globe.  With a Caribbean heritage, I’m quite accustomed to having most dishes packed with flavour and curry is certainly one of those spices that stands out. When I was growing up, my dad curried everything!!…eggplant, string beans, pumpkin you name it. […]

Pasta of Eden

Pasta of Eden

With increasing knowledge of the health benefits of fruits and vegetables, we are beginning to better understand the joy of cooking more naturally. Vegetarian and vegan recipes are no longer frowned upon and considered as only a ‘side’ dish.  These delightful, well balanced and hearty meals pack a bunch on the nutritional value scale and […]

Dinner Like a Canaanite

Dinner Like a Canaanite

Today’s recipe was inspired by an ancient civililzation that lived in the land of Canaan near the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Much of their food was plant based and of course at that time, all seasoned with natural herbs and spices. To date, the Mediterranean cuisine is said to be among the healthiest […]