Be a Guest on The ReVitahealth Show

The ReVitahealth Show

Thank you for your interest in joining The ReVitahealth show as a guest Health and/or Wellness Expert. We believe that collaborations often make for some of the most rewarding and impactful projects and we’re pleased to have your consideration.

Our goal is to have our health talk show serve as a trusted resource of credible, life-changing news and we are committed to making a difference in the lives of our viewers.

The show is a LIVE webcast that is aired on various social media outlets on Tuesdays from 11AM-12PM where viewers will have the opportunity to either call in, text or tweet their questions. As a Health & Wellness expert, you will be able to respond to viewers and continue the meaningful discussion with our host throughout a 45-minute to 1-hour segment. If you are outside of the Toronto area, we can provide you with details as to how you can participate remotely from your computer.


Benefits of Being a Guest on The ReVitahealth Show

We work diligently to market our material across the globe to enlighten our viewers about prevention and disease management. Our show serves as a method of outreach that is beneficial for increasing exposure for guests with a desire to promote their products and/or services. We have proudly worked with many influential health care professionals and enthusiasts who also share our mission.


What is required to apply to be a guest on the ReVitahealth Show?

All potential guests must complete an application that requires all items listed below. Please note that all applications are screened for content and relevance. ReVitahealth reserves the right to accept or decline applications if the subject matter is deemed to be malaligned with the relevance to our viewers or our overall mission. Please allow 7-10 business days for processing.


  • 2-3 line bio
  • 1-2 paragraphs explaining your content (outlines are acceptable)
  • A clear recent photo in jpeg. format
  • Your logo in jpeg. format
  • A link to your website (if applicable)
  • Your full name, title and designation
  • Please advise us of 2 dates to choose from to confirm a slot


The ReVitahealth Show Affiliate Program

We have created an affiliate program for guests of the show who are interested in growing their client base through direct sales of products or services. When the show is aired, viewers can take advantage of special savings of your product/service for tuning in. We encourage guests of the show to offer a small discount (you choose the discount)  to NEW clients that are gained for your business as a result of watching the show.  NEW clients will be provided with a one-time discount code that is redeemable for your products and/or services when they complete an in-person or online transaction. For more information regarding our affiliate program, please contact us directly

Special Considerations

We strive to ensure that all guests and sources listed on our resource page come from credible, authenticated health care professionals, organizations and their affiliates. Please note, we DO NOT tolerate plagiarism. Should this issue arise, your information will be immediately removed from our site and all social media outlets.


Email your application to Please include “The ReVitahealth Show” or “Affiliate Program” as your subject line.