Combating The Weekend Binge

Combating The Weekend Binge

Combating The Weekend Binge

The Monday to Friday routine is usually well structured and helps to maintain a diet and exercise routine with ease. Then the weekend comes along and whatever structure we once had during the week gets tossed to the side. It happens to the best of us. There are the family dinners, meeting up with old friends to get a bite to eat, birthday parties, you’re getting my point. As we socialize, the binge eating begins.

We would like to believe that binging on the weekends could easily be remedied by returning to our “great discipline” within the week that we claim to have. The saintly weekdays seem to keep our weekend conscience in check. Unfortunately the calorie intake on the weekend tends to be 1,000 calories more per day. This can potentially add up to approximately a total of 3,000 calories extra by the end of the weekend. Who can burn all of that off during the week while consuming your regular calories, working and then maybe squeezing in a day of exercise routine to reduce the guilt?

How To Get Through The Weekend When Dieting

By making wiser choices and not falling for the weekend food traps it may be possible to reduce the calorie intake on the weekend.  Follow these simple tips below:

  1. Stop eating like a teenager. Stop eating cheesy fries and ketchup chips with a diet coke. When you’re a teenager you eat whatever your little heart desires but as an adult that needs to go out the door. During the week this food would never pass your lips. Then the weekend comes along and you are in the high school cafeteria all over again.
  2. Become a picky eater. Most restaurants cater to special diets, gluten free for example. When eating out just ask for the substitute to your order. Parents do it for their children all the time.
  3. Pay attention to your sides when you order out. Remove the cheese crumbles from your salad, avoid creamy sauces, ask for steamed vegetables instead of fries.
  4. If you are busy going from one party to another grab a healthy snack. Fruits, vegetables, or a granola bar will help to cut food cravings and cut bingeing down. When you are hungry before you go out it kills any So snack healthy you will be to full to really eat.
  5. Stay hydrated! Staying hydrated reduces cravings and fills you up.

So remember eat like a grown up, be picky, easy on your side dishes, snack healthy, and stay hydrated my friend.

Enjoy your weekend!