Corporate Fitness

Corporate Fitness

ReVitahealth Corporate Fitness

ReVitahealth are avid supporters of health and wellness programs for your employees at your small business or large corporation. Our professional team of instructors and therapists will travel to your business and will engage your employees in a highly effective wellness and lifestyle program. Whether you choose a midday massage or lunchtime yoga, our services are specifically designed to reduce stress and improve the overall wellbeing of your employees.

Our corporate clients work in various industries such as law offices, police departments, marketing, banking and more.

The initial discussion will begin with learning the specific needs of your company and understanding the key concepts that helps your business achieve its goals and main objectives.

Our Corporate Wellness program will be tailored to suit your corporate culture and will address injury prevention, work-life balance and stress management.

Choose from a variety of fitness classes:

  • Latin Rhythm Fitness
  • Zumba
  • Yoga
  • Hip Hop Fitness
  • ReVita Fitness (a combination of aerobics and high repetitions/light weight resistance)



Corporate Chair Massage

 ReVitahealth Corporate Chair Massage

As part of our mobile wellness spa, we offer in-house chair massage therapy at your place of business or special event by our registered massage therapists.  Take a moment of relaxation with our revitalizing chair massage that can be adjusted for all heights for your comfort. The chair is a great alternative to laying down on the table as it easily portable and perfect for a place of business of any size. You can achieve ultimate relaxation within the time of a coffee or lunch break. Choose between 15-30-minute intervals for each employee.

The chair is sanitized in between each use with a fresh cover placed on the face rest for each person.

The chair massage is most beneficial in targeting the neck upper/mid back shoulders and arms of which is often noted as areas that carry a lot of tension.

What to wear?
Participants can wear their normal clothes and there is no need to worry about messy oils or lotions as they are not required.

It’s Affordable
We accept most extended care benefit plans. Speak to one of our coordinators and we will arrange an affordable package for you.

Call us today to book your employees or special event for a power hour of fitness classes or a therapuetic chair massage. 1-844-738-4821