Health Education & Prevention Seminars

ReVitahealth promotes and encourages Fitness and Wellness in the community

It is no secret that physical activity is necessary to a person’s well-being, yet there are many people who still don’t have the information to make more informed decisions.

Regular physical activity and good eating habits is not only essential to achieve your desired body weight but has also been proven to decrease anxiety and depression.

In combination, exercise and good nutrition can prevent many diseases or modifiable lifestyle complications. When providing and applying the necessary tools, it can actually boost work performance and add to the quality and length of your life.

Health Education 101

What are examples of the health topics we offer?

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise/Posture
  • Diabetes/Hypertension Prevention
  • Stress Management
  • And more…

Who do we provide seminars to?

  • Seniors
  • Businesses for Corporate Wellness
  • Special Interests Groups
  • Social Groups (all ages)
  • Churches, Schools, Membership Clubs etc.

Contact us today to educate your special group about boosting work performance and adding to the quality and length of life. 1-844-REVITA1 (738-4821)