Companionship Care Services

ReVitahealth Companionship Care Services

A common concern for many who are elderly is that they are often alone and have very little opportunity for social interaction. There may have been life-altering circumstances that have taken place and dealing with such emotions can be quite challenging. Contrary to the belief of most, being of an advanced age does not mean that your loved one cannot live independently. In fact, there are plenty of elderly who live alone but there’s more to this picture. Research indicates that there is a strong correlation between positive socialization and good health.

Reversely, when left unengaged, lonely and not mentally stimulated, health often declines. A large number of older adults can live strong, self-reliant lives but can benefit with having some accompaniment to run errands, travel or to simply have friendly conversation.

Companionship care provides your loved one with a sense of purpose and knowing that someone is present, gives that added touch of safety. Elderly companions are available to help with everyday household tasks and this helps decrease the feeling of being overwhelmed. To know that there is a reliable, helping hand available makes all the difference in the world to someone who lives alone.

Companionship care offers the following 3 elements:

  • Encourages Social activity for mental stimulation
  • Friendly conversation for engagement
  • Motivation and encouragement of light exercise