How to Boost The Immune System and Fight Through Flu Season

How To Fight Through The Flu Season

How to Boost The Immune System and Fight Through Flu Season

How To Fight Through Flu Season

We are still about one month away before flu season is officially declared, however, it is important to stay prepared and well informed just in case it comes knocking at your door.

Who Are Most At Risk?

Studies have indicated that young children and the elderly are mostly at risk for contracting the flu, however, receiving the flu shot is a personal choice.  Keep in mind that only your immune system can cure a cold or flu, so treatment options should focus on relieving symptoms and strengthening your body’s defences. It is safe to say that once bogged down with the cold or flu, it can be an unpleasant few days, therefore, we have added a few tips to help you through that time.

Tips to Get You Through the Flu Season

  • Get plenty of rest – listen to your body, even if it wants to sleep all day
  •  Stay home from activities that may take you out of the house whenever possible, both for your own health and to avoid infecting others
  • Try to avoid dairy products such as cheese or milk when recovering from the flu as they contribute to the production of mucous
  • Drink plenty of fluids such as water, tea or soup broths; this will also help reduce the production of mucous or secretions in chest and nasal cavity
  • Eat healthy whole foods with lots of fruits and vegetables; avoid excess sugars and fats, caffeine and alcohol
  • Try supplementing with vitamin C and echinacea; it’s a hard thing to prove definitively, but studies have shown them to have a positive effect
  • Increase humidity levels
  • Avoid cigarette smoke
  • Consume immune system boosting foods prior to getting ill as prevention.