How to Get Rid of Wrinkled Knees

How to Get Rid of Wrinkled Knees

There are many ways to defy aging but your body never leaves an opportunity to betray you. One of the most common cheats is your knee. Sagging knee often pop out as a tell-tale of your real age. How do you get rid of wrinkled knees or at least reduce the appearance? Here are a few ways that’ll help you in avoiding wrinkles.

Daily Exfoliation– Exfoliation is a wonderful process to revitalize skin on cellular level. It removes the layer of dead cells from skin. Since ‘ninkle’ (winkling of the knee) on the knee is mainly made of dead skin cells, dermatologists recommend daily exfoliation of knee area in order to avoid sagging knees. You can use a good exfoliating agent or scrub you knee with help of loofah.

Regular Moisturizing – After exfoliating your knees, you must moisturize them with a rich cream. Regular moisturizing keeps your skin healthy and rules out possibilities of wrinkled knees. It is better to use body butter or a massage cream that contains shea butter. If you can find lotion with retinoid, it’ll help you in reversing aging process as retinoid is a wonderful firming agent.

Performing Yoga and Pilates-There are many Yoga and Pilates postures that can be helpful in reducing accumulation of dead cells on knee, and in turn, will help reduce wrinkles. The Warrior yoga poses are considered extremely beneficial in toning the skin over your knee. You can also perform other exercises such as low sit-ups and squats.

Knee-lifts – Named as being the most beneficial in reducing the appearance of wrinkles in the knees. It comes at no cost as it is a form of exercise that you can do wherever you are.  Knee-lifts endows the knees with nourishment. It is done by increasing the circulation and lymphatic drainage of the legs. This procedure catalyzes cellular metabolism which results in firming the skin that surrounds the knee.

Sunscreen – Additionally, as evidenced in research in recent years, excess sun exposure to the skin leaves the skin defenseless to UV rays. When skin is directly exposed to the sun, it becomes susceptible to wrinkling, a change in texture and possibly cancer.

In seasons or climates of warmer weather, it is certainly tempting to wear lighter or less clothes to stay cool. It is recommended that sunscreen should be applied to all types of skin, especially with excessive exposure to the sun. All of the above are tips to help you avoid developing  ninkles.




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